The two owners of Ljungberg Fritzoe, Norwegian Treschow Fritzoe and Swedish Ljunghold, announced in 2019-11-12 that they jointly acquired Danish DLH. DLH is one of the largest, oldest and most experienced importers and distributors of wood-based board material in Scandinavia. Since its inception in 1907, the company has built close relationships with leading suppliers of wood-based board material in the global market. The company delivers products to the construction trade and industries and had a turnover of DKK 334 million in 2018.
“We are very pleased with the addition in the group, as it means a stronger negotiating power and joint exchange of sourcing networks. We see this as something that will benefit our customers in the long run, while at the same time strengthening the group’s joint position as a market leader in sourcing wood-based board material in the Nordic countries”, says Thomas Ljungman, CEO Ljungberg Fritzoe.