We have chosen to introduce MagnaBoard® to our product portfolio. It is of high quality, climate-smart, and can withstand harsh environments, product properties in high demand by our customers. The board has fire class A1, gives good acoustic values, is insensitive to moisture and very shock resistant. MagnaBoard® is made from natural minerals and the main ingredients are magnesium oxide, magnesium sulfate, perlite and talcum powder. The board is reinforced with fiberglass mesh.

MagnaBoard® is produced with the environment in mind. The production takes place through a chemical process where water is added to the material and the curing takes place naturally without heat supply. Compared to the corresponding products on the market, this production guarantees a minimal energy consumption and a very low impact on the environment. MagnaBoard® emits low emissions according to EN 15251 and is free from adhesives, solvents and other hazardous raw materials.

MagnaBoard® can beneficially be used in a number of applications; Inside walls, in wet rooms together with approved sealing system, exterior and weather-protected as windbreaker or as fire-protective cladding. It is also ideally suited for harsher environments such as workshops, farm buildings, refuse stores, storage rooms and garages, as well as in public premises such as nursing homes, schools and shops.

For documentation and specifications, see Magnaboard’s product page.