Hällingsjö Hus supplies prefabricated houses to both private customers and industry. They produce a range of different products, from single-unit homes through to large residential areas. They therefore need a panel supplier who can meet their needs, and that is exactly what they found in Ljungberg Fritzoe.

For Hällingsjö Hus, no house is too difficult to build. When they first started up, many told them that it was only possible to prefabricate simple houses, but Hällingsjö Hus quickly proved that this was not the case. In order to do this, they have needed a stable panel supplier that they can rely on – and when they contacted Ljungberg Fritzoe that is exactly what they got.

“We really like their products and find them to be very reliable. Our business is very broad and their range is equally so, which means they are able to meet our needs” says Emil Ranefjärd, project manager at Hällingsjö Hus, who adds that: “They are always plain and easy to do business with – there are never any unpleasant surprises.”

Quality products and reliable deliveries

Ove Almqvist is the account manager for the industrial sector at Ljungberg Fritzoe and has worked with Hällingsjö Hus ever since he first started around three years ago.

“They have a positive vibe about them and a high level of engagement. They also have great confidence in the future and they are always curious to learn more about new products. This makes my job a great deal more interesting.”

The products themselves are of course a huge reason for choosing and keeping Ljungberg Fritzoe as a partner.

“We have tested products from other suppliers at a comparable price but they do not match the same quality and they are not as easy to work with. Our production team really loves working with Ljungberg Fritzoe’s panels and this means a lot to us,” explains Emil Ranefjärd.

Meeting often and sustaining a good dialogue is very important to any collaboration.”

Ove Almqvist travels down to Hällingsjö Hus’ factory outside Gothenburg a few times each year. According to him, actually getting to see how they work makes a big difference:

“I get another kind of understanding for their work and how they build. This gives me new ideas and helps me come up with better suggestions regarding what materials they could use and so on,” he explains.

“Meeting often and sustaining a good dialogue is very important to any collaboration. We really feel that Ove and Ljungberg Fritzoe are genuinely interested in our business,” says Emil Ranefjärd.